celduc® Solid State Relays (SSRs) are widely used in the food industry as a replacement of electromechanical relays (EMR) because of their ability to work in harsh environments (dust, gas, shocks and vibrations) without operating problems. Fully electronic, there are no moving parts inside
the SSRs, so they have higher life-time expectancy. Furthermore, their semiconductor based design makes them environmentally safe to be used in most applications including : ovens, fast-food equipment, coffee machines, …

There are also numerous applications for our magnetic proximity sensors : if you are looking for position, presence or level  detection, we are able to offer a solution. We are eager to offer the best products for your application, thanks to our
45-year experience in the key technologies that we use in our products.

Solid State Relays and Magnetic Sensors for the Food Industry

Here are some examples of applications :

Cooking ovens :

In cooking ovens SSRs are used for :
-heating resistance control
-water heater control for vapour production in “combined” ovens with convection system
-motor control of the hot air distribution fan

celduc® relais offers a wide range of Solid State Relays suitable for this application but has also developed special customized products. The Solid State Relays are used to switch ON & OFF the heaters which heat the water to produce vapour or used to switch ON & OFF the fan.

Our magnetic sensors are also used for door position detection (open or closed – supervising the opening)

Key products : Two-phase Solid State Relays

Rotary pizza ovens :

Solid State Relays are used for heating control and motor control of the rotating bedplate

Key products : Single phase Solid State Relays – okpac range

Bakery ovens and Equipment :

In bakery ovens are SSRs are widely used for pre-heating and heating control because of the very high frequency switching of Solid State Relays

Key products : three-phase solid state relays

Coffee machines :

Large coffee machines designed for company canteens, pubs, anywhere people can enjoy a coffee like at home. This means that the machine will grind coffee, heat water and pump water for expresso coffee, hundred times a day and years after years.

  1. Why using Solid State Relays ?

The very high number of operations as well as the need for high reliability make it necessary to use solid state relays to control heating, motors for pumps and grinders instead of electro-mechanical relays.

Motors are inductive loads and therefore have some drawbacks like :
-high starting currents for few seconds up to 10 times the nominal current
-high over-voltage and high dv/dt that may damage or unexpectedly start the relay

For these reasons coffee machine makers use Solid State Relays.

Key products : Two-phase Solid State Relays with Faston terminals

Fast-Food Equipment :

Components used in fast-food Equipment must be reliable and must sustain high frequency switching. celduc’s Solid State Relays, used for heating control in these Equipment, meet these requirements.

Key products : Miniature Solid State Relays with faston terminals


Vending machines

Magnetic proximity sensors are used in vending machines for :
-Door position detection : open or closed (supervising the opening)
-Product presence detection for the dispensing mechanism

Solid State Relays are used for heating control for hot-drinks vending machines.

Key products : Screw position sensors


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